Chemical Processing of Organics within Clouds (CPOC)

Pilot Study at Whiteface Mountain Research Observatory, Wilmington, NY


Researchers Participating in the Pilot Study

field sites

Maps showing  measurement locations


Intensive Operation Period (IOP): Aug 11-25


QuickLook views of daily measurements and  forecasts

Access to Data

Data Usage:

These quicklook plots and preliminary observations provide only the initial look at acquired data and should not be used in any publication or presentation, especially without approval from the researcher who acquired or produced it.  Final data from the pilot study will be made freely available to the public and the scientific community one year after completion of the field work.  Final data products require extensive analysis effort to ensure accuracy and quality.  Data users must ensure that the responsible scientists receive fair credit for their work and be given a reasonable opportunity to contribute to the research uses of the data.  Questions about this data use policy should be directed to

Quicklook Plots:

Data Download:  (login required)

Field Presentations (Preliminary Observations): 

Matthew Brewer: Overview of weather forecasting and met data collection/analysis

Amy Christiansen: Overview of cloud water collection and chemical analysis plans

Sara Lance: Overview of aerosol, CCN and cloud measurements

Dan Orlowski: Overview of cloud probe rotation stage design/implementation

Jie Zhang: Overview of aerosol chemical characterization

​​​​​​​Summit real time plots:


HYSPLIT trajectories:


GOES satellite:




Current View of WFM from the Wild Center:

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