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Current Group Members

Sara Lance

Principal Investigator

Dr. Lance studies aerosol-cloud interactions, with expertise in the measurement of cloud condensation nuclei and cloud microphysical properties.  Dr. Lance recently led a pilot study at WFM to investigate chemistry occurring within cloud droplets, with a focus on the abundant organic component. 

Research foci within the Lance Lab are:

  1. Fundamentals of interaction between Aerosols, Clouds and Precipitation

  2. Cloud impacts on the chemical properties and mixing-state of aerosol particles

  3. Chemical and physical properties of Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) and Ice Nuclei (IN)

  4. Instrument development and characterization

Curriculum Vitae September 2018

Joseph Niehaus

Postdoctoral researcher (Fall 2019-)

Joseph is working with the electrodynamic balance to do heterogeneous chemistry studies of single particles/droplets.

Christopher Lawrence

PhD Student (Fall 2018-)

Chris began working in the Lance group in May 2018 and started his grad studies at UAlbany in Fall of 2018.  Chris has been assisting with quality control of cloud water measurements at Whiteface mountain and statistical analysis of recent and historical cloud water data to infer chemical processes occurring within clouds.

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Former Group Members

Janie Schwab

Technical Assistant (2017)

Janie built an electrodynamic particle trap for laboratory studies of ice nucleation and heterogeneous chemistry.

Dan Orlowski

2017 summer student (RPI undergraduate)

Dan assisted with calibration and deployment of instrumentation to the Whiteface Mountain summit for the 2017 CPOC pilot study.

Matthew Brewer

2017 summer student (UAlbany undergraduate)

Matthew assisted with instrument deployment and field operations for the 2017 CPOC pilot study (including weather forecasting and radiosonde launches)

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