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Cloud Chemistry Workshop at WFM

Updated: Jan 4

Researchers from various institutes came together to visit the Whiteface Mountain (WFM) observatory and to discuss plans for future field projects at the site focused on multiphase chemical processes within clouds. Researchers reviewed past mountain-top field projects at various sites including WFM, evaluated the state-of-the-science regarding aqueous secondary organic aerosol formation, and developed scientific questions to be addressed with coordinated field and modeling studies. After the workshop, select researchers received sample vials of cloud water collected at the site, for chemical analysis by individual groups and future intercomparisons. Insights from previous campaigns and recommendations for future summertime field deployment at WFM were highlighted, including issues relevant for experimental design, logistics and essential personnel.

WHAT: A workshop to discuss the current scientific understanding regarding cloud impacts on Tropospheric chemistry and to discuss the necessary components for a coordinated study, with emphasis on the evaluation of unknown or poorly understood organic chemical reactions occurring within clouds.

WHO: 40 researchers participated, with expertise ranging from modeling of chemistry and cloud physics, to mountain-top and airborne measurements of aerosols, clouds and trace gases.

WHEN: September 16-17, 2016 WHERE: Marble Mountain Lodge, Whiteface Mountain, Wilmington, NY

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About half of the people who attended the meeting


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