• S. Lance

Installing rotating platform for the FSSP

July 27-28: Dan has been working to control a rotating platform using an arduino microprocessor, so that the FSSP (forward scattering spectrometer probe), which measures the size and concentration of cloud droplets, will be normally facing into the wind (unless there is a rain or hail storm rolling through, in which case we will point the FSSP away from the wind to protect the rear fan and keep the instrument safe/clean). The arduino reads in a new wind direction measurement that Richard Brandt installed for us at the summit, and the plan is to add measurements from a rain sensor already being used in the deployment of the cloud water collector.

Janie helped with the mechanical mounting of the FSSP tower, rotating platform, external gears and motor. Janie and John Sicker helped wire up the electronics control box, which includes the arduino, motor power supply and controller. Paul Casson and summer intern Brian Frei helped to actually mount the rotating platform on the roof of the Silo.


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