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WFM Pilot Study

Updated: Jan 27

We successfully concluded our ~2 week intensive Pilot Study at WFM!

I am proud of the students who essentially ran all field operations, from instrument deployment, data acquisition, forecasting and balloon launches to data analysis and presentation of preliminary data at the end of the project. All of this work was coordinated between 3 field sites (Northwood School in Lake Placid, the Lake Placid Turn along the road to the summit, and the summit itself). To complicate matters, the elevator to the summit (27 stories!) could be used only sparingly, when necessary for transporting heavy equipment and supplies. Otherwise, we had a scenic hike up and down from the summit (oftentimes while cloaked in clouds). What a privilege to work in such a beautiful location and with such great people!

For more information about the pilot study, including the scientific motivations, list of participants, measurements, locations and access to data, see

Special thanks to Paul Casson and Richard Brandt for all their help in the field, and for working tirelessly every day (even over the weekends) to ensure the project's success!

More Pictures from the Pilot Study:


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