• S. Lance

Start of the 2018 Cloud Water Collection Season!

Updated: Jan 4

June 4-6: New graduate student Christopher Lawrence (Chris) started gaining on the job experience at Whiteface Mountain, to assist with the start of our new cloud water collection season.

Since it was drizzling and windy/cold the first couple of days, we were grateful the stairwell was still an option for getting up and down from the summit, while the elevator is being renovated (great work-out!)

We installed a new peristaltic pump to assist with automated filtering of the cloud water to remove microbes that could eat up the organic acids we want to begin measuring this year. We also installed temperature sensors in the refrigerators, to check that the cloud water never warms above 4 degrees Celsius.

On our last day, we were able to take in some views from the trail!

Views of Whiteface Mountain from the Lake Placid WildCenter camera while we were up there (


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