• S. Lance

Back up and running

After giving a Falconer lecture at Whiteface Mt on Tuesday night, I hiked up with Paul to get the aerosol instruments at the summit back up and running.

The inlet (though capped) was full of bugs! And everything was covered in dust! We stored much of the equipment up there through the winter, since we knew the elevator renovations might not be finished this year.

Many universities and research institutions in the US have been conducting studies on the evolution of the wildfire emissions coming from the western part of the US. Researchers involved in the NSF-funded WE-CAN field campaign that is currently taking place have said:

"We will start as close as we can to the fires, and track the smoke for 12 to 24 hours of atmospheric aging. That's when a lot of the chemical evolution happens. We have very few existing samples of this evolution in the atmosphere."

Our measurements of particle concentrations, cloud condensation nuclei concentrations and black carbon can add to this picture if the wildfire plumes happen to drift this way (which coincides with the predominant wind direction). Our measurements could be helpful for understanding how those wildfire emissions change after several days of transport and photochemical aging.


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