• S. Lance

Chris and Sara install new equipment at the WFM summit

A new peristaltic pump head, reinforced platinum-cured silicone tubing and in-line pressure gauge were installed for more robust automated filtering of cloud water. As in 2018, the peristaltic pump was set to turn on whenever the cloud water collector was deployed and set to turn off in clear-air or in rainy conditions, to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the tubing.

We also tested out a new automated accumulator rinse sequence, which worked perfectly the first time we left it unattended. Chris monitored the rinse sequence remotely from the car as I drove us back to Albany! Unfortunately, it never worked again so well while unattended, presumably due to bubbles accumulating in the lines, preventing the peristaltic pump from operating optimally. A bubble trap and pressure relief valve will be tried next!


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